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Potential employees should be at least 21 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED, or college degree related to the professional position applying for, and have a good driving record.  On-the-job training is provided. Applications will be active for 90 days from the date of submission. After 90 days you must resubmit an application to be considered for a position. MCH is a drug-free work place. MCH is a scent free environment. MCH participates in E-Verify.  MCH maintains a strong policy of equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment.  We hire, train, promote, and compensate employees on the basis of personal competence and potential for advancement without regard for race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability or citizenship, as well as other classifications protected by applicable state or local laws. Code of Ethics MCH employees have an obligation to do more than meet legal standards and regulations: all MCH staff are expected to exercise moral standards of conduct as well.  Political parties and special interest groups are not endorsed by this organization. MCH actively encourages every employee to recognize and report any concern about possible illegal or unethical behavior.  Such reports may be made in good faith and will be explored responsibly and without retaliation.  Every effort will be made to preserve anonymity. You may ask to see Policies and Procedures to see the complete code of ethics policy and procedures.

Job descriptions are available by clicking on the position above. Applications can be filled out online or may be requested at the administrative office. If you have any additional questions please call (828) 524-5888 and ask for human resources or email mch@maconcitizens.org.

Registered Nurse

Facility:  Administration
Hours: Mon. – Fri. – 8:30a – 4:30p


The primary duty is to render  general nursing care and medical supervision to MCH residents.  Maintains confidentiality of client record and protected health information.


This position is accountable for the general nursing needs of MCH residential clients.
This position is accountable to the Director of Nursing.


  1. Administers prescribed medications and treatments in accordance with approved nursing techniques.
  2. Takes residents for medical treatment as needed and relates information via progress note and direct communication to appropriate personnel and family.
  3. Observes and records significant conditions and reactions in medical record. Notifies appropriate persons or physician of client’s condition and reaction to drugs, treatments and significant incidents.
  4. Participates in the interdisciplinary process and completes at least quarterly physical examination of clients
  5. Participates in infection control inspections of each facility at least quarterly and trains staff in infection control
  6. Participates in medication administration training to staff and monitors to insure that medications are administered correctly and MAR is completed accurately.  Provides training or counseling when medication errors occur as well as reporting.
  7. Trains staff in detecting signs and symptoms of illness.
  8. Monitors vitals (blood pressure, pulse and weight) of each resident and checks ears as needed. Records results in medical record and reflects changes/fluctuations in notes.
  9. Participates in medication reviews at least quarterly in ICF facilities.
  10. Participates in annual evaluation and nursing care plan in each ICF facility.
  11. Participates in supervision and training to staff in DDA facility for Personal Care Services.
  12. Participates in quarterly medication evaluations and helps ensure they are completed and reviewed by the pharmacist.
  13. Participates as a member of the safety committee as needed.
  14. Maintains confidentiality of client protected health information and limits access to client record to completing required documentation and information that is essential to carrying out the responsibilities of   Access to medical information is limited to the group home or other MCH facility except when accompanying a resident on a medical or other appointment where medical information may be needed.  Full access to the record is necessary.
  15. May provide transportation for residents as needed for appointments, work, recreational activities.
  16. Performs other work related duties as assigned.



  1. Bachelor of Arts in Nursing.
  2. State registration and certification as a Registered Nurse (RN).
  3. One year of nursing experience.
  4. Strong verbal, written and interpersonal skills.
  5. Ability to handle detail and meet deadlines.
  6. Safe driving record with  three years driving experience or over age 21 if less than 3 years safe driving experience
PRN Direct Support Professional

Hours: No set schedule
Facility: All
County: Macon & Jackson
Shift: As Needed on call position
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Smoky ICF Direct Support Professional

Hours: 32
Facility: Smoky Group Home
County: Jackson
Shift:  Sat & Sun 7a -9p
Wed 5p – 9p

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Smoky ICF Direct Support Professional

Hours: 36
Facility: Smoky Group Home
County: Jackson
Shift:  Sat & Sun 9a -11p
Thurs & Fri 5p – 9p
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Iotla Street Group Home Direct Support Professional

Hours: 33
Facility: Iotla Street Group Home
County: Macon
Shift:  Tues. & Fri. 5p – 9:30p
Sat & Sun 7a – 7p

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Webster Direct Support Professional

Hours: 34
Facility: Webster Group Home
County: Jackson
Shift:  Friday 5p – 7a
Saturday 10p – 7a
Sunday 10p – 9a
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